Safari Helicopter Prices

The following Safari Helicopter kit prices were provided by the manufacturer and are not guaranteed to be current. Further inquiries should be directed to the manufacturer.

Standard Kit $74,400

Bubble Kit 

Welded Fuselage & Tailboom 

Welded & Fabricated Controls 

Welded Fuel & Oil Tanks 

Oil Cooling System 

Night Light Kit 

Ground Handling Wheel Kit 

Main Transmission Assembly 

Composite Main Rotor Blades 

Main Rotor Head Assembly 

Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Kit 

Tail Rotor Gearbox Assembly 

Flight Control Kit 

Instrument/Electrical Kit 

Fuel System Kit 


$78,400 The Quick Build kit contains all of the items in the Standard Kit and adds these finishing touches:

Mounted Bubble & Fabricated Cab Enclosure 

Fabricated Engine Shroud 

Fiber Glass Instrument Panel 


Listed below are suggested engine groupings for the Safari Helicopter Kit 

O320 - 160 Hp    O360 - 180 Hp  

Lycoming O320-B2B      

Lycoming O360-C2C    

Lycoming O360-C2C Lazar    

Lycoming O320-B2B Lazar

Superior XP360    

Superior XP360 / Lightspeed    

Each Engine Package includes a Light-weight Starter, a Light-weight Alternator with mounting brackets and a Stainless Steel Exhaust System. 


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