Hummingbird Helicopter

The Hummingbird helicopter is a relatively odd homebuilt helicopter kit, it’s a kit built version of an old school certified Sikorsky helicopter. Of course if you build it, it will forever remain an experimental helicopter, but a certified design offers some assurance to people skeptical of home built helicopters. Skepticism of homebuilt helicopters is not unfounded, many of the designs are woefully inadequately designed in the first place and utterly incapable of being successfully piloted in emergency situations.

Such is not the case with the Hummingbird. It is a viable alternative to certified 4-seat helicopters. The Hummingbird is much cheaper than production certified helicopters, but “cheap” is a relative term in helicopter land, count on a Hummingbird kit to easily weigh in at $150,000-$200,000 when done. If you're curious about the price breakdown of this bird, read the page entitled hummingbird helicopter price. Please note that this information is provided as a service to the readers and we are in no way associated with selling this product.

The Hummingbird uses a fairly common Lycoming helicopter engine and Vertical Aviation Technologies, Inc (the maker of the Hummingbird kit) offer comprehensive kits including a quick-build kit. Estimated built time is 800 hours and while the company doesn’t say for which version of kit this is for, it’s safe to assume it’s for the quick-built kit version.

Though the Hummingbird helicopter is relatively new on the homebuilt scene, we expect great things from them. If you need helicopter specifications review the Hummingbird helicopter specifications page.

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