Mountain Goat Bush Plane

The Mountain Goat is slightly larger than a Super Cub and features a 160 horsepower Lycoming engine. Its manufacturer makes some dramatic representations about its capabilities, the author has never flown one and is unable to verify the veracity of these claims. The Mountain Goat is a tandem two-seater like the Super Cub.

Kirk from Alaska, who has been flying since 2002 wrote in to say that based on the specifications, the Mountain Goat is his dream plane and the best bush plane but that he would settle for a 180 hp Super Cub. He also wanted to correct us, "the Goat, if it ever gets certified by the FAA, will come standard with a 180 Hp Lycoming Engine, not a 160 hp."

Thanks for letting us know, Kirk. We have a lot to learn about the Mountain Goat and we rely on the collective wisdom of all the pilots to help fill in the gaps. 

Sven from Tanzania wrote in to say this about his dream plane, "It would be the Mountain Goat if all the manufacturer's claims were true." He also says the best bush plane is the Cessna 206. Thanks for your input, Sven. It seems like every time we turn around someone wants to know more information about the Mountain Goat and whether the plane lives up to the manufacturer's claims. Since we have never seen the plane, let alone flown it, it would be a real guess on our part to express an opinion.

So, if anyone has had some personal experience flying the Mountain Goat, please share that information with us here.

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