Bell Jet Ranger Bush Helicopter

Bell Jet Rangers like “Hueys” are a series of helicopters made by Bell that all look similar but in which some models share very little in common with others. These helicopters for years were the only practical helicopter for news and law enforcement (though this has changed somewhat with the introduction of the R44). These helicopters are literally everywhere. They are all powered by turboshaft engines. Watch this Bell Jet Ranger helicopter on Melody Hill in Labrador, picking up a survey crew on the edge of a lake. The landscape is georgeous.

David Cartwright from Canada describes his experiences ith the Bell Jet Ranger, "I was a Helicopter Observer in the Canadian Armed Forces for 6 years and have accumulated 1650hrs on the Kiowa reconnaissance Bell Jet Ranger. What is a Hel Observer; basically the observers are low level navigators (very low). We used dead reckoning; you remember map, compass, and watch stuff, no GPS or loran here. We also were qualified FAC calling in jet fighters on targets and calling artillery down, sometimes at the same time. Our Kiowa was limited in power 318 shaft in the red, top of the yellow gave us somewhere around 270 shaft. The flying was great. For most army helos the lowest you could go is 10-15 feet. Once we are tactical it’s clear of vegetation. Good flying. I have had the opportunity to fly all over Canada, parts of the States, Germany, Norway and France." Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? To share your flying story, go here.

This next short video features a Bell 206 Jet Ranger on a low fast canyon flight.

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